The Vegans are Coming!

Now what do we feed them?

Party Food and Tortilla Dippers

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Tortilla Dippers 1

I was recently visiting my vegans while they were planning a birthday party.  This spurred a debate about appropriate party foods when vegans and non-vegans mingle.  Will your carnivorous friends appreciate your tofu taco bites?  I don’t know.  But I think the answer to keeping everyone happy is “dip it, spread it or scoop it!” Foods that you can dip, spread, and scoop are often vegan friendly. Here are some platter ideas that everyone can enjoy:

Party List

Tortilla Dippers

If you are struggling to find a vegan friendly bread or cracker for your dips and spreads, here is an easy semi-homemade alternative.  I haven’t included measurements for this recipe, because it is more of a technique.  Use it to make as little or as much as your party or personal snacking requires.


flour tortillas

olive oil (or other good tasting cooking oil)

ground seasoning of your choice: cumin, garlic, crushed pepper, etc.

salt and pepper to taste


Preheat oven to 350⁰

Brush tortillas with light coating of oil

Stack your tortillas, three or four high, and cut like a pizza into small triangles

Spread the triangles onto a cookie sheet

Sprinkle your chosen seasoning, salt and pepper lightly over the tortillas

Bake in oven until the tortillas just begin to brown

Let the dippers cool, then serve with your favorite dip or spread.

Tortilla Dippers


Author: kenehudson

Kendall Hudson is owner of Kendall Hudson Events, an event planning company serving New York state. She holds a Masters Degree in Tourism Administration, specializing in Event and Meeting Management from George Washington University. She also teaches Hospitality Management and Travel at Bryant and Stratton College.

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